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Forrest Fine Art

Some of the paintings are from my backyards in Ohio, Michigan, and the Appalachians of Northern Carolina.  Some are from sailing adventures on Lake Erie.  Some other locations include Belgium, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, and France.  

While living in India for three years I painted and sketched a lot. The India collection includes scenes from the Ganges River during their Mela events as well as trips taken to the Himalayan Mountains. Everywhere I looked there was a painting to be painted or a stage scene.   There is also a series of abstract bookmarks created with watercolors.  It was difficult to paint with oils in India.  It seemed a bug or two would always find its way onto the wet oil.

I have also been painting people's fur babies lately.  I do this with Photo Painting - I use your photo and create a painting on a stretched canvas.  Here is adorable Petty with his ball!  

WIX Web Site of Old paintings - Contact for further information
WIX Web Site of India created paintings - Contact for further information
New paintings will go up on a Facebook Business Page soon.  

                                                    Banks of the Ganges
         Pegasus                                                                         Home in North Carolina

Revisions in process.

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