Nature / Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy is a gentle practice that involves moving very slowly and mindfully through nature while soaking it in with all of our senses. It is a relaxing experience that connects people to their natural environment through sensory-based invitations. As a certified Guide, your session follows National Nature and Forest Therapy Guidelines for enhanced benefits.  



  • Decreased risk of heart attack

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Mood-boosting (de-stressor)

2020 Nature / Forest Therapy  Sessions 

JUNE - All groups and public walks are still postponed until it is safe for us to resume.  Not all parks are re-opened yet thus locations are limited.
  •   Private personalized sessions (precautions of 6' social distance and face masks will be used)  
  •  Groups Maximum of 3 (precautions of 6' social distance and face masks will be used) 
MARCH - All walks are placed on hold due to the COVID 19.  (Park and Trail closures.) 
  • Asheville, NC
  • Tuscany, Italy and
  • Osa Penisula, Costa Rica 
Photo Journal of Trails & Trees 

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