Forest Bathing 

February 22 - 27
Costa Rica - Osa  Penisula 
Date Change:  Final dinner will be held
on the evening of Feb. 27, 2019 *vs 26th. 
February 22 - 27
Costa Rica - Osa  Penisula 
Date Change:  Final dinner will be held
on the evening of Feb. 27, 2019, *vs 26th. 

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?  Do you feel overwhelmed and empty? Do you feel tired and find it hard to get through most days?  Do you feel disconnected from your life?  

Satisfy your longing for connection as you take daily Forest Bathing/Shinrin-Yoku walks in the rainforest. Tap into nature’s profound ability to inspire us and help us gain clarity in our lives, as you: 

  • Practice forest bathing to experience the rejuvenating and restorative benefits it provides 

  • Learn and practice the power of sound vibrations 

  • Explore the joys of creating and/or jump-start your creative process  

  • Learn and practice mindful outdoor meditations 

  • Relax and broaden your experience with nature and deepen your connection to your authentic self


Participants should be comfortable walking on uneven terrain. 


Training Includes: 

  • 5-Nights at the Luna Lodge

  • 3-Meals a day / Celebration dinner last evening (2/27) 

  • Daily forest bathing in the spectacular rainforest along with afternoon sessions on: 

    • Creativity as a process, not a product 

    • Powerful sound vibrations

    • Body, self-awareness, and grounding

    • Mindful outdoor meditations

  • Strategies to take what you learned and practice them at home

  • Your choice of either a private transformational coaching session or *Reiki.


*Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that is deeply meditative and healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  You receive Reiki fully clothed as the therapist uses a series of gentle hand placements. Stress, pain, and tension simply melt away. Reiki works by giving a concentrated life force energy to both the chakras and meridians which enhances the body’s natural power to heal.  Kathleen is a Reiki Master (Dr. Usui lineage).


Introduction to Forest Therapy in Tuscany, Italy  September 2018 
Trails & Trees 

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