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     Specializing in appreciative, natural and life-giving growth and development strategies. 

     * Decrease the negative effects of stress, anxiety, and pain.
     * Increase well-being, effectiveness, and



Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy Guided Walks 



  • Decreased risk of heart attack

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Mood-boosting (de-stressor)


Personal Power Facilitation


First, we focus on the hidden motivating emotions and then move to discover your next steps. There is no prescription just process.  We will connect to your Personal Power. I work with the programs that run your behavior that you are usually not consciously aware of. (Transformational Change Mentoring) 

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Workshops & Retreats


Stand-alone sessions or add-ons to a Forest Therapy walk. 

Themes include:  

Creativity (process vs product)

Sound vibration healing

Mindful nature meditations

Grounding - body, and self-awareness


If you have a group or department that has specific needs that are not listed above I also offer a

Tailored Design Option.  


"Thank you Miss Kathleen. I was at a vulnerable and critical point in my life.  You listened to me and reminded me "I can do that". They were simple words but at that specific time they were a key for me to trust myself.  That it was OK for me to start precisely where I was at and not judge myself.  This allowed me to take the next necessary step in my life."  
Clair, Belgium 

"When Kathleen works with you to find a sense of inner peace, you realize a  transformation is occurring if you are open to the transformation." Tom Keys, Founder: Elder Commons Senior CoHousing Community, Carrboro, NC 

"As a former HR Manager, Kathleen worked with me in my Organizational Development group.  Another strength of Kathleen is her coaching skills.  Her ability to connect with people regardless of organizational rank, allows her to support individuals in their specific growth and evolution.  Kathleen has a great spirit and many years of experience in Organizational Development and Coaching and will bring integrity and excellence to whatever she undertakes."
Kathy Fellows, Former HR Manager, DTE Energy

Kathleen Forrest is a gifted coach, mentor, and healer. She is able to get right to the heart of the matter even if you don't know what the heart of the matter is! She has a very heartwarming and gentle, loving nature that is nurturing. Her unique background, training, and personal journey are inspiring. 
Kathleen has coached me through some of my most challenging times and seems to know just what to say to ease the pain and help me to reconnect to the compassion, wisdom,
and strength that lie within me. I highly recommend Kathleen.  Susanna M. Goulder, Life Purpose Certified Coach

"A chance to re-enter nature and deepen one's relationship with the forest, plants and stones, atmosphere and hence, one's self."  Terrilynn Dubreull, Asheville NC 
Kathleen is the real deal!  Her healing joyful energy is palpable.  
I had an amazing Reiki session with Kathleen.
Afterwards, I felt a deep level of relaxation, both physical and emotional, that lasted and deepened throughout the week.
Susanne G., Chapel Hill, NC 
"One teaching I learned from Kathleen is not to get attached to a perceived outcome.  Do your homework, research as many avenues needed and allowable at the time and give it your all.  The end result is what it is.  Sit back and enjoy whatever may happen. Enjoy the process and move on."  
Ina Brolis, State Park Manager 

Kathleen Forrest 

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”  Theodore Roosevelt


I’ve always been devoted to good health.  One way to define good health is “the feeling of mental, physical and social well-being of a person and not just being free of disease.”   


My passion is to see myself and others do things we did not originally think was possible. From the days of working in Fortune 100 and  500 companies to the current Personal Power Facilitation and Forest Therapy guided walks - I remain passionate about growth and development. 


Being in nature centers us deeply in the moment. The sights, sounds, and smells of the forest take us right into the present moment so our brain stops anticipating, recalling, worrying and ruminating.   This centered place is where we have access to our personal power. Being present in your body allows us to feel centered and balanced no matter what is happening around us. I see this as a partnership between our minds and our bodies.


 My birth name is Forrest - let's say I was born to do this work - it's in my roots.  

"As a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, I open the door for you to have the experience in nature that is uniquely yours."  


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