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I worked as a change agent at Fortune 500 General Motors and RJR Nabisco. I coached at the C-suite level and below, strategized large-scale change initiatives, and led efforts in creating culture change and leadership development at DTE Energy.   I am a certified transformational change coach.  In 2001 I left my corporate career and spent the next 14 years discovering and exploring what transformational change is not only for us as individuals but as a society.


Spending 3-years working and practicing a meditative yoga in India added to the transformational change experience and knowledge base.  Studied the science behind music/vibrations and mantras.  Led meditation sessions that combined both mantra and meditation.   I have created a play "Adventure into the Unimanigable" which communicates not only my time at the ashram but also the experiences of re-entry into life in the United States. 

It is my intent to continue to find ways to communicate these experiences.  The purpose is not to say "I have the way" to realizing your true self - but to inspire you to discover your true self.


In 2019 I became a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide through the  Association of Nature & Forest Therapy (ANFT) Guides and Programs.  


I discovered and developed tools and techniques to de-stress and learn new ways to overcome limitations.  

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Expertise Includes

*   Certified Forest & Nature Therapy Guide in Practicum 

*   Executive Coaching (Communications, Change & Image) 

*  Transformational Change Coaching (C-suite and below) 

*  Workshop Development & Facilitation  

*  Leadership Development  

*  Liaison for Society for Organizational Learning and DTE Energy.

*  Personal Transition Coaching 

*  Course at the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland OH

*  Three-years residential practice of Yoga in India (2009-2013) 


Consulting & Facilitation Experiences
  • Professional Certified Transformational Change Coach (one-on-one)

  • Blog Writer / Boundaries 

  • DTE Energy / Deregulation of the Electric Industry

  • RJR Nabisco  / Redesign of a bakery 

  • General Motors, Inc. / Multiple projects in engineering and training union and management employees


  • Forest & Nature Therapy Guide 

  • Professional Transformational Change Coach / Fred Kofman ((VP LinkedIN, Conscious Business Center International) 

  • On Presence: The use of self as instrument /  Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

  • Reiki Master Certification / R. Berry / From the lineage of Master Mikao Usui (Japan)  


Masters Degree  

Organization Development & Analysis (Case Western Reserve University/Weatherhead School of Managemenet) 

Corporate Roles Include:   

  • Special Projects (Engineering)

  • Continuous Improvement Manager

  • Change Management Professional, Transformational Change Coach, Leadership Development Program Lead. Large Scale Change Strategy and Implementation 


Oil Painting - I am an amature artist..  In 2004 I began painting Plein Air and have continued painting and taking classes over the years. I've had commissioned pieces both in the US and internationally.  All things of nature and abstracts I find fascinating.   


The Energetics of Change - How sound changes the cells in our bodies.  The power of mantra.  


The role creativity plays in our growth and development. 

The Sciences: Quantum Physics, 


Playing music - Ukulele, guitar, djembe drum, flute, and harmonium.  


Sailing & Boating -  can't leave out my love of the water! 

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